Posted by: basem | 10/09/2010

About the Enforced Disappearance of Amr Salah and Ahmed Eid on the feast

As there is a lot of confusion I’d like to clarify some points about what happened, Amr Salah a researcher at Cairo institute for human rights studies (CIHRS) and a human rights defender has been kidnapped by 4 men in plain clothes, this was in front of his home in Cairo on Thursday 4 am.

We started to spread the news 24 hours later on Friday morning then Amr Salah has been release by the end of Friday (6:30 PM) and he headed to his home in Alexandria, we called him few minutes ago and he is fine but he weren’t able to give a lot of details, and as he was blindfolded he were not able to define those who are responsible for what has happened, and later we can get more information

30 Minutes after the release of Amr Salah (7 PM), his friend Ahmed Eid, activist of Elgabha Party (Democratic Front Party) has been kidnapped also in the same way, Eid was talking to a friend in the cell phone and he told that 2 men were trying to catch him. yet there is no information about Ahmed Eid and he is being kept incommunicado; (Amr Salah told us that he has been asked about Ahmed Eid and a wide group of activists).

More Details on what happened with Amr Salah are here:



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