Posted by: basem | 14/09/2010

The Third Disappearance Within Five Days: Disappearance of Shady Elghazaly from Cairo Airport

After the abduction of the human rights defender Amr Salah the researcher at Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) on Thursday 9.9.2010 and the pro-democracy activist Ahmed Eid the member of the Democratic Front Party on Friday 10.9.2009 and the release of each of them after about 40 hours of investigation while they were blindfolded and incommunicado, the Egyptian State Security abducted the member of Democratic Front Party and the National Assossiation of Change Dr. Shady Elghazaly Harb (32 years) the Assistant Lecturer of General Surgery in Kasr Elainin Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University and the Member of Royal College of Surgeons (MRCS). Shady Elghazaly has been stopped in Cairo Airport 11 A.M. on Monday 14.9.2010 while he was heading to UK to have his fellowship Examination in Surgery to get the Degree of Fellowship of Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) then he disappeared, and later we knew that his flight booking had been cancelled 15 minutes before the take off.

The disappearance of Shady Elghazaly Harb comes immediately after and on the same back grounds of the recent disappearance and  release of his close friends Amr Salah and Ahmed Eid, where they are considered one of the most active pro-democracy nodes through the Egyptian pro-democracy youth networks. Ahmed Eid and Amr Salah have been asked in details during their investigations in the state security headquarters about Shady Elghazaly Harb and Ahmed Maher, the General Coordinator of April 6 Youth. By stopping and abducting Shady Elghazaly Harb, keeping him incommunicado, and arbitrarily and illegally depriving him from traveling to get his degree of Fellowship, Shady will lose his opportunity to have this examination after passing the first one and may lose the degree.


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