Posted by: basem | 09/10/2010

About Hassan Mostafa Trial

Hassan Mostafa is a very active young pro-democracy activist from Alexandria (Northern Egypt) and a member of many bodies working for democracy in Egypt.

On June 10th 2010 Hassan and a group of activists led a protest against Khaled Said Murder by two policemen after a sever torture in the street. The protest was in front of Sidi Gaber Police Station where the policemen who are responsible of the murder of Khaled Said are coming from. After a while the Police forces cracked down the protest and arrested Hassan Mostafa with a group of his fellows.

Under the arrest in Sidi Gaber police station and before referred to prosecution Hassan has been tortured and sexually abused inside the police station by the police officer responsible for the murder of Khaled Said “Ahmed Othman”. This was to punish him for leading the protests and for his activism. After his release by the prosecutor Hassan went to court to report torture and abuse before the forensic evidence disappeared from his body. While there, he was arrested again by another policeman “Khaled AbdelMohsen” to protect the other officer from the ramification of Hassan’s complaint and also as there were some previous confrontations between Hassan and this officer in a previous protest against emergency law. This police officer accused Hassan of assaulting him and he was tried a few days later in an urgent trial and sentenced to 6 months in prison and a fine of 2000 EGP (400 USD) and a bail of 1000 EGP (200 USD) for releasing Hassan till the appeal hearing.

Hassan’s family paid the bail and the authority insists to make them paying the fine before releasing Hassan (although the fine is a part of the appealed sentence) and the appeal hearing will be on October 10th in Alexandria.


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